Bkk Lone Diablo



Bkk Lone Diablo

Bkk Lone Diablo hooks have ben developed to be used on lures like stickbaits and poppers. They embody all BKK’s best technologies and centennial experience. A Hand Ground point ensures easy penetration with bayonet like manual craftmanship, and the unique design guarantees perfect hooksets alongside longevity offered by the Ultra Anti Rust coating further ensuring optimal performance.
BKK developed a fabriacation process for hooks carrying our Micro Ring label.Part of this process involves manual grinding before the material undergoes cold forging.The result is a strong slim ring profile hat makes for easy attachment with split rings.
Representing the highest achievement of today’s global industrial design,Good Design Award has been a sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan since 1957. Lone Diablo lure-special single hook took the honor to become one of the three awarded fishing tackle product in Good design award 2017.


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